Hi. :)

My name is Fatimah-Zahra Sacranie and I am the founder of nywhr.com.

nywhr (ANYWHERE) is the world’s destinationless travel website.

Uniting the world by helping everyone travel more.

It is a booking platform that allows you to search ANYWHERE without the need to select a destination.

So you can compare hundreds of flight+hotel deals in all locations at once!

This will help with over tourism, discover unknown locations, save time, money and give you access to the best value deals.

I believe the more everyone travels, the more we understand each other and this is one way of increasing the vibration of love around the world.

The website is still being built so in the meantime.. I just wanted to share a simple and helpful technique below that I have personally used to help me travel more.



1. Click HERE or HERE for flights first, search ANYWHERE, find the best 3 locations that appeal to you according to your preferences.

2. Then click HERE for hotels, type in the 3 locations you selected for flights and select the best hotel.

3. Compare the 3 locations and select the best flight + hotel deal that you are happy with.

With this way of searching you can discover new locations, save time and money.

As hotels, do not have an anywhere search in place yet we have to search for flights first.

If enough people tweet booking.com to put an anywhere search for hotels in place they will create it.

They just think that no one wants to search this way but we do!

The one place that has an anywhere search for accomodation in place is airbnb. So you could start off with airbnb first and then go check flights.

I pray this tiny technique helps you travel more :)


To be notified when the website launches, just follow me HERE on instagram @fatimahzahrasacranie and I will announce the launch on my instagram stories.


Thank you


Peace, love and light.



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